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Child Safety

NSW’s Trusted Providers Of Child Proof Safety Window Locks And Other Safety Devices

Each year up to 70 children under the age of five fall through open windows each year, despite NSW legislation demanding all windows in family homes be child proof in NSW. Unfortunately, not all homes housing families have the correct or adequate window safety solutions, which may endanger your child’s safety.

The safety of a child is what’s most important to any parent. Child proofing of a house is an unescapable part of becoming new parents, and making sure your windows are safe and cannot be easily opened and stepped through is not only paramount, it is easy. While the world outside your front door will always be filled with safety worries for new and experienced parents, we want the home to be as safe as it can be.

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A simple safety measure for peace of mind

Our company sprung from our concern for the safety of children, and we are proud to can say that we are now a trusted installer of affordable child safe window locks and other window safety devices in compliance with state legislations in Sydney and NSW. Our goal is to childproof every family home in NSW to ensure no more children fall from windows.

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Are you concerned about easy-open second floor windows? Are you looking for child window safety devices for a strata building that are in compliance with NSW legislation? Do you wish to enquire about our child window safety locks?

Whether you wish to book in an inspection to ensure that your child window safety locks are in compliance with NSW legislation, or you wish to book an appointment to have locks installed, we are waiting to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on 1800 692 4453 or 0481 081 304.

Each installation is important to us, because we take your children’s safety as seriously as you.