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Our team were shocked to learn that around 70 children under the age of 5, fall out of buildings every single year in NSW alone. With majority of the falls leading to premature death for these children, the survivors are left with a life completely changed. Due to the severe impact of the fall, some children experience serious, lifelong injuries. It is because of these horrible statistics that the Children’s Hospital created a movement to encourage the Australian Government to make it mandatory that all buildings in NSW have child window safety devices to prevent this problem from ever occurring.


From this moment, Safety Requirements Australia was born. SRA is an Australian owned company that generally care for children, we come from a large family background were the children are everything we sacrifice for, we specialise in childproofing your home in particularly window safety.


We are vigorous supporters of the Kids Don’t Fly Campaign and for every lock that we install a certain amount per lock gets donated to the cause that changed NSW forever.



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