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Installing BCA-Required Window Restrictors for Sydney Families

With thousands of infants, toddlers, and young children injured badly in falls each year, the federal government has decided more needed to be done to protect these vulnerable kids. Changes to the Building Code of Australia have made a number of anti-falling safety measures mandatory in new construction, with older buildings required to comply by March 2018.

Obviously, if you are living with small children, you are likely already motivated to take whatever steps are needed to protect them from serious falls. Get in ahead of the clamour next year and have the experts at Safety Requirements Australia install some BCA-compliant window restrictors at your Sydney or Central Coast home today! We are the local experts who have stood by these life-saving technologies for years, and by having our technicians install your window restrictors, you can trust that they will be properly installed and function correctly for years to come.

We perform quick, professional, unobtrusive installations

At Safety Requirements Australia, we understand that the changes required by the BCA are not difficult to make; ensuring the safety of your child and others’ is the work of just a few minutes for one of our technicians. We can audit and outfit your entire residence in a single appointment, working quickly and smoothly so as to not disrupt your daily life.

We prioritise the appearance and integrity of your home as well as proper childproofing measures. Our technicians almost always install BCA standard window restrictors to ensure a window is compliant; these devices are small, unobtrusive, inexpensive, and can be matched to the colour of your window frame. Don’t worry about your home looking like a prison with bars over the windows – child safety can be achieved without too much fuss or effort.

Certifying more homes as BCA compliant every day

Just by having SRA technicians install window restrictors at each child-accessible window around your home, you will have greatly reduced the risk of dangerous falls. But if, as the owner of the building, you still need to ensure that safe status is certified, then we can take care of that for you too.

The BCA changes require that a Certification of Compliance be obtained from the installer who carried out the work. SRA, as experienced installers of this equipment, will have the paperwork ready and done as soon as possible, neatly completing the task of restoring child-safety-compliance without a costly return visit. Make sure you speak to our team about Certification of Compliance when you ring to book our services: our number is 1800 MY CHILD (1800 69 24453).




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