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  • Each year, around 50 children fall from windows or balconies. Many suffer serious injuries and some result in deaths. Most of these tragedies occur in children’s own homes


  • Falls are the most common cause of injuries in children. Over 8,000 children are admitted to NSW hospitals each year due to a fall


  • in 2010 across NSW, 34 children were hospitalised after falling from a window and 46 children were hospitalised after falling from a balcony.


Window Lock Installation & Child Safety Auditing for Sydney Homes

Despite their beauty and elegance as architectural features, windows and balconies represent an underestimated safety risk for Sydney children and toddlers. Not many parents are aware that falls are, in fact, the most frequent cause of serious injuries in young children, with over 8000 kids admitted to hospitals in NSW each year after an accidental plunge. Falling from a window or balcony is especially dangerous for children, with the majority of cases resulting in lasting injury or even tragic deaths.

The NSW government recognises the vital importance of spreading awareness around this problem and correcting dangerous conditions where young children live, leading them to create the Kids Don’t Fly initiative. Safety Requirements Australia is a proud supporter of this cause, and offer our expertise in window safety and reinforcement techniques to Sydney families living in risky homes.

Conducting security audits to guarantee your windows are child safe

Hospital reports have shown that over 50 children fall from high windows or balconies around Australia every year, with the majority leading to hospitalisation. Safety Requirements Australia is, as our name implies, the leading compliance and security auditor for window and balcony safety in Sydney. In our professional experience, it is highly likely that in each of these cases, the child’s fall would have been preventable had the basic safety measures recommended by the NSW and federal governments been in place.

These safety measures include ensuring all windows that a child could conceivably reach being pressure-tested to withstand a weight of 25.5kg, and being fitted with a locking device, such as a window restictor, to prevent them from opening to a distance of more than 12.5cm. Alternatively, strong mesh (not flyscreen) or window bars can be fitted to the window, assuming they pass the pressure test. The Building Code of Australia has been amended to require such precautions in all newly constructed buildings, but existing buildings deemed unsafe by the changes will not be required to comply until the 13th of March 2018. Until then, SRA recommends you take these steps independently to ensure child safety.

Window safety lock installation for Sydney homes

SRA are Sydney’s trusted safety device installers, capable of easily bringing your residence up to speed with current standards of child safety. We have extensive experience in this line of worth, able to tell at a glance which windows and balconies present a risk and quickly bring them into compliance with the new Building Code changes without affecting the look and feel of your home. Call 1800 MY CHILD (1800 69 24453) today.



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