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  • Which windows are affected by the new legislation changes?

    The laws apply to openable windows more than 2m above the ground floor outside and within a child’s reach and less than 1.7meters measuring internally.

  • When do locks need to be installed?

    If the window safety requirements are not met by 13th March 2018, owner’s corporations face massive fines. Leaving it to the last minute, puts your entire scheme at risk. To avoid the rush, get Safety Requirements Australia team on your complex today!

  • We have different windows on in the building, what’s our best option here?

    SRA have all locks for every type of window, this will be organised prior through the strata company, so there will be no problems at all.

  • Will the windows ever be allowed to open fully?

    Yes, if there are no kids in the apartment at any given time then the locks can be unengaged and the window can be opened freely. However, when children are present within the unit, the window must be locked by the locks installed by SRA qualified technicians.

  • What separates your company from the rest?

    At SRA, we strive to give you a professional outcome in the most efficient way possible. Our team has over 35 years combined construction experience. Our technicians are more than capable of getting the job done in a professional and timely matter.

  • Is there an alternative to the locks?

    There is an alternative to the locks and that is bars or grills installed, this will only be suitable if the bars are spaced out evenly at 12.5cm interval.

  • What do we do if there Is locks already installed?

    It’s important to pressure test the locks and see if they comply with the outwards pressure of 250 newtons. If they fail to comply, we recommend a solution to remove the faulty and replace with BCA complying products.

  • Our windows are installed with flyscreens is this enough?

    Unfortunately, no. Flyscreens are to keep bugs out of the unit and not children, a child can penetrate the screen and fall through the window. However, if the steel screen mesh can withstand more than 250 newtons then it is exempt from the legislation.

  • Do windows and doors that open onto a balcony also need to have a device fitted?


  • I have had locks from when the building was completed, will this be enough?

    All windows and locks need to be tested as per the new legislation, this is to ensure that child safety windows are fully functional and compliant to prevent children from possible future injuries.

    We are happy to come to your unit complex and test all locks for full certification that complies with the Fair Trading regulations. We use an advanced operating system and photographic evidence to give full compliance. This certificate is to authenticate our work, which can be used as evidence if need be to display how safe your unit complex is.

  • Can I fit the new locks myself?

    Yes, you can. However, you will be held liable for any incidents that do occur. At SRA, we have full public liability insurance up to $20,000,000. Aside from doing the work, you will also need the work to be assessed in order to gain the full compliance.




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